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The only app like it and the best part, it’s free!


It’s time, join the Daily Koach app

Everything a follower in Christ needs. Daily Bible verses, Devotionals, Lock-Screens, + MORE!


Easy to Use

We made our app essentially easy to use. It’s very nice to pull out and read a short verse each and every day.


Being a Christian comes with fellowship. With the Daily Koach app you can connect with the community through comments worldwide.

Clean Design

Made with a modern sharp blue vibe, we hope you not only find our app encouraging and useful but also nice to look at.

Daily Koach offers a wide range of Features

No more downloading countless apps to find a perfect fit. Download Daily Koach and we’re sure you will be satisfied.

Daily Bible Verses

We notify you each and every day with Daily Bible Verses picked with prayer. We hope these verses spark a spiritual connection with you and Jesus Christ.


We curate daily devotional each and everyday by some of the most influential pastors and social speakers that point out the teachings in the Bible in a way we can understand them.


Comment Section

Be sure to leave a comment on each post so you can encourage or uplift someone in our community!


The only app that offers stunning High Definition lock-screens for free!

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Why download Daily Koach?

There are many app choices out there but we are sure Daily Koach will find you well.

  • Daily Bible Verses
  • Devotionals
  • Beautiful, modern design
  • Cool animations
  • Plus Plenty More!
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We are known for Daily Notifications so you don’t miss anything.

We respect your privacy so we limit our notifications to only two a day. One for Daily Bible Verse and one for the Daily Devotional.

We hope you find the daily notifications helpful. If you do please let us know!


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